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Sunday, February 8, 2009

33 Days Left

Well I'm having a hard time falling asleep. I think it's 'cause I fell asleep while watching my little brother play street fighter. I'm not tired in the least bit. So I figured I'd write a blog.

So wedding plans ARE coming along splendidly as Bryce mentioned.

Wedding invites will be sent out THIS very week! Yay! So if you haven't given us you address. Do it NOW. :)

That photo to the right is one of many engagement photos taken by Kayleen Taulanga. There are many marriages happening this year and Kayleen is great and oh so talented. Visit her website and book her for your weddings! And all other events really.

Only 33 days left! I honestly can't believe how fast time has gone by. We have already been engaged 3 months, and dated for a whole year before that. I honestly can't remember what my life was like before Bryce came along. It really is an amazing feeling, to know that you have someone that loves everything about you... and even the things they don't love... they never mention, or overlook. I was writing my friend Caitlin (who is ALSO getting married this year to another friend of mine, yay!) about how Valentine's feels different this year.

Life feels different.

Sure Bryce and I were dating last year around Valentine's, but this year we're engaged and almost married. It's a different kind of love, a more deep and meaningful kind of love. Something I really never thought I'd feel for someone and then entered Bryce Eric Buchanan. I couldn't live without him and I am so excited to spend an eternity of increasingly awesome Valentine's Days WITH him.

Only 33 more days and we've got a little more work to do, but it's going to be pretty rad.

So COME celebrate with us, March 13. We love you!