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Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Story So Far

Hello friends!
Sorry there will be no pictures associated with this post. Only because I don't have any readily accessible.

Here's the run down of our life together so far:
Living in a two bedroom apartment behind the Old Spaghetti Factory in Taylorsville, UT.
Using one car to get everywhere, luckily Bryce can ride Trax.
We just rechristened our car, his name is now Ender.
We found out that we love Car Talk last Saturday. Who knew talking about cars could be funny! It's on NPR or 90.1 fm every saturday at 10am.
We leave at 8:00 - 8:30am every morning for the Trax station on 5300 South.
I pick Bryce up every evening at 6:00pm from the Trax station on 5300 South.
We go grocery shopping every Saturday for a week's worth of meals.
We go to church every Sunday starting at 10:20 am at the Hewwood Ward in the Bennion East Utah Stake.
We currently have no callings, but we are speaking in church tomorrow!
Bryce is folding laundry right now, while I am writing this blog... that pretty much sums up our attitudes at home. I'm lazy and he does everything else. :)
We have no internet because we are poor, but we somehow decided that we can afford Wii Fit.
We are saving up money to buy a new Mac in September, and I'm kind of excited to learn something new.
We currently are still sucking at keeping up with friends and family, but we have a commitment to get better.
Bryce sleeps on the right side of the bed, and me on the left.
We watch Lost, 30 Rock, and the Office every week. Priorities straight? CHECK!
I'm still working at Mountain Land Rehabilitation and have finally decided that I would like to become a Speech and Language Pathologist.
Bryce is almost done with school, he is taking off the summer and will have one more full semester and one more class after that. Yay!
We like to cook and clean and build and do everything together, we don't really have assigned tasks... we just help each other, and I like that.
We love the temple and just can't get enough of it.

Marriage so far has been wonderful. It's such an overwhelming feeling knowing that you are sealed to your best friend for time AND all eternity. Bryce is the sweetest guy you will ever meet and he makes me laugh everyday. We learn new things about each other to love all of the time... for instance today when we got out our clean socks from the dryer Bryce said, "I love hot socks! It's like a hug on my feet!"

You see THAT phrase accomplished two things... I learned that Bryce likes hot socks AND it made me laugh... a lot.

So far, so good.