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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do you want to be a stay at home Mom or a working Mom?

You mean - I can't be both? Dang. I feel a real blogpost coming on about this one... on another day.

Ultimately, I find too much joy in work to ever give it up completely. But then again - I have no children of my own to love quite yet.

This is probably one of the hardest things that I have/will have to deal with in my life. I won't rule out either one at this point in my life. We will see where my life leads me.

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Kristin Burke Sevinc said...

As a working mom I would LOVE to be able to stay home and focus all my time and attention on Em. But I also know that I would probably wish I had some sort of job if I was a stay at home mom. While I think it's important to stay home if you can it's also important to feel good about yourself and keep yourself happy and if working helps you with that it's better for everyone! My theory right now is part time work would be AWESOME!

Chow and Russ said...

I think I want to be a working mom. At least, I'm getting the education to be a working mom. Plus my husband wants to be a stay at home dad. So...

Dr. Bradford said...

Simple answer. Do both, at different times. Work when ya don't have babies. Be a stay at home mom when you do. Then as they grow up you can work when they're in school. Yes Siree bob.

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